Add Emoticons To Status Bar


I know many of you are probably familiar with the app MakeItMine which allows you to easily customize your Carrier Logo and Banner (that is the area where the time is located on the Status Bar). One cool thing that I just found is that you can add emoticons to your Status Bar using MIM (MakeItMine). When you open the app, just enter the emoticons like you would your custom text (see note below). Simple and easy.

I did find a few issues, the Carrier Logo area will cut the top of some of the taller emoticons (the Banner area does not). Also, you cannot use MIM to change the Banner if you have the Status Bar Date mod turned on in SBSettings. Other than that, kind of a fun little mod with the opportunity for some crazy Status Bars! You can get MakeItMine via the modmyi source.

Note: In order to have emoticons on your Status Bar, you will need to enable them on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can do so using Spell Number….see the review of Spell Number HERE. Or, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use an app called Emoji in Cydia…see review of Emoji HERE>.

Via AppleiPhoneSchool


  • le1t00

    Nice "hack" :) Thanks:)