aDownloader: First Download Manager App For iPhone, iTouch, iPad


adownloader 1 266x400 aDownloader: First Download Manager App For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad adownloader 2 266x400 aDownloader: First Download Manager App For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

New day, new app in Cydia: aDownloader. aDownloader is the first download manager app, fully compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad, with the advantages of the fullscreen work area.

With aDownloader you can download all your files over any available network, from any site including hosting sites such as rapidshare and megaupload. The app supports over 40 file types including:

  • PDF
  • Word ( .doc and .docx )
  • Excel ( xls and xslx )
  • Power Point ( ppt and pptx )
  • audio files ( mp3, m4a, wav )
  • video ( mpeg, 3gp, mov, youtube )
  • image files ( jpg, png, gif, bmp )
  • text files ( txt, html, xml )
  • rar and zip archives ( including multipart, password protected )

With aDownloader you will be able to create folders, cut, copy, delete and move around files. You can do multiple simultaneous downloads, no file limit, file sharing and you can pause/resume interrupted downloads.

If connection fails, you can resume your download later. You can also download and upload files to and from your iDevice.

You can get aDownloader for free from Cydia, via BigBoss repo…



  • toNYc311

    Sounds neat. Only it didn’t work for me. I installed it but the app crashes back to my iPhone 3GS homescreen when I try to open it. Doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • SoSly

    I tried it on my ipad 3g and it worked fine but it has a lot of bugs and stuff. Such as you click a download link and you know how you usually get an ad pop up, well it pops up the add in the browser and doesn’t let you continue to the download link.

  • toNYc311

    Hmm. Yeah sounds like it has some issues. Hopefully the dev will update it to address issues like mine and yours. I’d like to try it out but can’t get it to work. For now though I’m doing ok with safari download manager for native in browser downloads. But I gotta say I wish that the other browsers supported the same functionality. Because I don’t use mobile safari anymore lol.

    I mainly use Alternate Browser, Atomic Browser and Opera Mini. And in that order. Safari is too slow and has become an after thought on my 3GS lol. I only use it for SDM to download stuff.

  • Maria

    Hi toNYc311,

    You can also use safari download plug in… With this on you can actually download anything you want from other browsers except for ipas

  • Jew

    This thing isn’t the greatest. Ill stick to the usual download manager.

  • trek life

    I havent had any issues with it at all, gave it a solid test run om my iPhone3G 3.1.3 and everything worked well.

    Trying to figure out uploading thoug

  • toNYc311

    Hey thanks for that heads up. You’re right. I actually no longer had safari download plugin because I had to uninstall it thanks to a conflict with another program. But that conflict seems to have been resolved. Just downloaded SDP again and works like a charm in the other browsers. Thanks for that bit of advice. Really helped! :D

  • Enthen

    aDownloader crashs everytime i open it (when loading the default google site ). it seems that this software is not really compatible with IOS 4.3.

  • Dan

    Yeah I downloaded it from three different sources and it still crashes every time I open it. Is there anything we can do?

  • Skyler

    How do u download for iPad