Apple To Possibly Sell 4-6 Million iPad Minis This Year


Gene Munster an analyst for Piper Jaffray predicts that Apple could be selling between 4 to 6 million iPad minis this year.

The miniature iPad is said to be Apple’s offensive against the cheaper android tablets. The iPad mini will be bringing the competition in terms of software forcing companies to battle against Apple’s highly popular iOS.

It is reported that Apple may take over Android tablet sells taking 30% of it’s competition sales for the last quarter of this year.

While the iPad Mini seems like a rumor take note that both the WSJ and Bloombeg have reported that Apple does indeed plan to release a smaller iPad this year.

Business Insider Predictions:

  • The iPad Mini will force Android tablets to compete on software. Apple has a big advantage here thanks to the iPhone operating system, Munster says.
  • The iPad Mini will probably cost $299. The iPad 2 costs $399, while the iPod Touch costs $199, so the new tablet will probably fall somewhere around that price point, he said.
  • The iPad Mini could decimate Android tablet sales. It could take 30 percent of total Android tablet sales in the December quarter.