Apple To Release iOS 4.3.4 To Patch JailbreakMe


Apple is readying a new firmware update that’s only intention is to patch the PDF exploit uses to hack all current iOS devices on firmware 4.3.3.

If you plan on jailbreaking your device it is recommended you do it in soon or risk accidentally updating to the unjailbreakable firmware. We also recommend saving your shsh blobs by using Tiny Umbrella (Link). We’ll be posting a quick how to soon.

Redmondpie States:

a post by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security confirms the seriousness of the risks and alluded to an nonexistent “software update” that will likely come under the form of iOS 4.3.4, scheduled to be available within the next few days. According to the post on the Government site, this PDF vulnerability allows “attackers to access with administrative privileges on the entire system”

The post goes on to explain the possible consequences of this exploit if it’s left unpatched, including the possibility for confidential information to be accessed, given the significant market share iOS has managed to obtain in the business world, as ReadWriteWeb explains:

According to a Google translation of the German Federal Office for Information Security, the exploit will give the attacker administrative privileges over devices which would include any data, email or contacts stored on the device. So far there is no official patch available for the exploit from Apple. But if you have jailbroken your iOS device, there is a patch available through Cydia.

Until the update is released, the German Government urges users to think twice before opening PDF files from unknown sources or clicking on untrusted links in search engines.

Apple has taken things a bit seriously and a spokesperson from Apple has confirmed that an update is on its way to patch the PDF vulnerability, but no time frame has been given when the update will drop on earth.