At&t May Charge for Facetime Over 3G In iOS 6


U.S. carrier At&t is reportedly planning to charge for Facetime over 3G similar to it’s iOS wireless hotspot feature. In the newest version of iOS 6 beta 3 Apple added the ability to activate Facetime over 3G.

If users choose to activate the option a prompt pops up stating the following:

To enable Facetime over cellular on this account, contact At&t at 611 or visit

Choosing to visit the At&t link then sends you to your login account and if you log in there is an error message that reads “there was an error processing your transaction”. It’s quite obvious the greedy company is pondering the idea and we wouldn’t be surprised if it indeed choose to charge around 9.99 per month.

Unlike At&t Verizon allows wireless hot spot tethering through their iPhone’s for free and our best bet is they also won’t be charging for Facetime over cellular network.