At&t Now Throttling ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan Customers After 2GBs of Use


John Cozen a fellow iPhone user recently revealed that At&t is now throttling users with grandfathered unlimited data plans after 2GBs of usage.

John was surprised when he received the dreaded high usage warning from At&t alerting him that he was on the top 5% of data users. Really At&t 2 GBs of data?

We all know when that when you get the high data usage warning, your internet speeds on the iPhone are going to be ridiculously slow. We’re hoping any of you that get high data usage warnings call At&t and complain especially after only using 2GBs worth of data.

iClarified Reports:

The alert informed him that he was in the top 5% of data users and would be subjected to near unusable speeds.

Thinking there was a mistake he contacted AT&T where he was informed that anything over 2GB is top 5%.

To give you a baseline – the average data use across the country by the top 5% of AT&T smartphone customers was 2GB per month, effective August 2011.

This is a pretty despicable move by AT&T to stay within their legal requirement to offer ‘unlimited’ data but at speeds so slow that you would be better off switching to a tiered data plan.


  • WE

    Yes right!!! “WE NEED TO SUE ATT”
    Last Month they throttled me at 2.08 GB.
    and This month they just send me on 02/07/2012 throttled me right now I only use 1.59 GB.
    I’m like WTF it happen.