ATT Unveils Insanely Expensive Int. iPad Data Plans


AT&T has announced its data plan pricing for international iPad use and it’s not cheap.

Here are the four options:
- 20MB for $24.99/month
- 50MB for $59.99/month
- 100MB for $119.99/month
- 200MB for $199.99/month

AppleInsider notes that the largest plan will only give you about 35 minutes of YouTube watching. Only 10 minutes if you are watching in 720p.



  • GstatS

    Damn AT&T is ridicules with those prices. How in the hell is any1 going to do anything outside the wifi. Lame!! I guess best bet is to get that 1 service that turns your whole city into one big hotspot. That’s only like 40$ a month unlimited. But i’m yet to see if it’s a good connection.