BBC Documentary ‘Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy’ Airs Tonight


The documentaries and television specials just keep on coming about good ol Steve Jobs. This new documentary dubbed ‘Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy” is said to shed light on ruthless Steve’s dark side.

While many say he’s a tough guy to work for Steve Job’s still did something that hasn’t ever been done before, create what is now the richest company in the world out of the back of a garage.

9To5Mac Reports:

BBC is getting set to air a new documentary entitled ‘Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy’ tonight at 9:00pm on BBC HD and BBC Two. According to the Telegraph, the documentary apparently presents a more “ruthless image of Jobs” where Wozniak reveals that Jobs reduced him to tears following the release of Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’ bio

Check out a small clip of the upcoming documentary here.