Carriers Testing Final iOS 5 Build, Includes Nuance and Facetime Over 3G


9To5mac is reporting that Apple has seeded near final iOS 5 builds to carriers for daily use testing. These beta firmware builds have more features included in them than the regular developer seeds such as nuance speech-to-text and Facetime over 3g enabled.

While you think this may be a good sign and we’re surely getting these features, stay in doubt. These features may only come in Apple’s iPhone 5 thus making the consumer buy more or worse they may get cut at the last second.

9To5mac Reports:

Apple’s most prominent carrier partners have been seeded near-final builds of iOS 5 for final testing. This build is newer than the betas seeded to developers and includes some unique features. According to a source testing this build, FaceTime over 3G is active. According to this source, testers are being instructed that 3G FaceTime testing is a high priority. What is still up for discussion, though, is whether or not this feature will reach end users in iOS 5.