Chrome OS Running On iPad?


A hacker known as Hexxeh has successfully ported Googles awesome Chrome OS to the ipad. What is Chromium OS? It is Google’s open source operating system that is based on their really simple chrome web browser which is known for its easy to use design/UI.

It has been said that this new Chromium OS will be preinstalled and shipped with some upcoming tablets later this year. Of course not exactly this hacked os that runs on the ipad but you get the picture. If this hack ever makes it to the public we could all be enjoying flash on our device and a whole new OS.

For More Info and where to stay updated on this hack:

Hexxeh Tweeted:

tweeting from my iPad running Chromium :)

you have my official permission to go crazy now :D (don’t worry I’ll dash your hopes later, there are a few catches)

it’s a totally different build, different arch etc. You can’t use it as a normal iPad without a restore sadly though.

Official Site:


  • Chico

    that's fucking aewsome!!!

    I hope to see it running on my ipad!!