Comex Teases New Jailbreak Exploit


Comex a member of the iPhone Dev Team has put up an interesting photo at the famous website recently used to jailbreak iOS 4. The picture was suppose to be a teaser of some sort but lets just say comex isn’t good at web development :-p and ruined it, no offense boss.

The photo obviously hints at a possible pdf exploit meaning an iOS 5 jailbreak for all idevices may be in the works, an ipad 2 jailbreak could be coming or it may just be nothing at all, we’ll keep you posted.



  • person287

    Jailbreak me was definitely the easiest jailbreak ever. Literally just swipe and it would do it all itself. If it is true then I'm definitely going to try it out!

  • GIRG

    Jailbreakme is a very easy jailbreak, but I still think that Blacksn0w was the easiest and quickest jailbreak – as long as you didn't get and errors or problems! lol