Critical Security Bug Lets You Make Calls On Locked iPhones


9To5mac stated that a critical security bug in iOS 4.1 lets you make calls on your passcode locked phone without even having to enter your code.

Its a simple combo of having to dial a number and just the right timing. Go check out and test this nasty little bug for yourself, instructions below:

● Lock your iPhone using a passcode
● Press Emergency Call
● Dial a non existant number #946494
● Immediately press the Power button as it begins making the call

On a reality check, not many people know about this nor do I believe are they going to go on using this to their  advantage. This bug will more than likely stay within the geek world. It is recommended to save your shsh blobs asap as Apple may push out a software update just to fix this problem.


  • TheOnlyRandy

    Also able to disable unlock code, and I have access to "Erase All Content and Setting" from the reset menu

    • neil

      another thing you can do with lock phone is hold button for voice comands say call mum