Cydia- Xgps 1.2 (voice guided), Amazon Kindle App



Xgps 1.2

A couple of days ago Xpgs 1.2 was finally released in Cydia. A lot of new features have been added. Most of them have been posted previously. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is a new way to create itinerary called “Routes manager”. Using this function you can compute and save routes for offline use. It let you choose places and addresses as starting and ending point. Please notice that there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting and one ending points. It’s due to a Google limitation and we are working on it.

The new major improvement in this version is the voice instructions support. It uses a Text-To-Speech engine to convert text instructions to sound. So there is no way to change the voice yourself as it is not pre-recorded sound.

xGPS Manager

A new version of xGPS manager is also released. It has been rewritten from scratch and should be more user-friendly and self-explanatory. It is available for Mac OS X and Windows. For Windows users, you should have the Java system installed. Be sure to have it installed (you can download it at the Java Sun Website) before installing xGPS Manager. The manager can be downloaded from the official xGPS website.

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Kindle App

The Kindle, which was updated last month, costs US $359.00.  Amazon says it has a library of more than 240,000 eBooks for sale. Today they’ve released a iPhone Kindle application that will allow you to read all the books available in the Amazon Kindle store.

However as  the app doesn’t make a direct connection to the Kindle store, you will need to use mobile safari or any browser to actually buy the books.  Books you have already bought for your kindle will be transfered with easy to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

One of the advantages of the Kindle app is that you will be able to see color illustrations in books, something not possible on the Kindle hardware, which only shows images in shades of gray.

Amazon has been working on the application for several months, said Ian Freed, who is Amazon’s vice president for the Kindle. Freed said the company sees the software as a way to introduce non-Kindle owners to the device, potentially turning them into Kindle buyers. (Amazon does not say how many Kindles it has sold.) It also gives Kindle owners an additional way to read their content while on the go, he said.

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