Error 1600 For 5.0.1 – Quick Fix


If you’ve been on the jailbreak scene for quite some time (or even just the iPhone scene) then you’ll be familiar with the infamous ‘error 1600 occured’, and iTunes trying to fob you off.  Well here’s a little quick-fix that should work for most of you.

Steps To Remove Error 1600

1) Downoad the latest version of Redsn0w and open it (MAC VERSION)  (WINDOWS VERSION);

2) Download the IPSW for your device and put it on your desktop – HERE;

3) (For Windows Users Skip To Steps 5-7) MAc Users – Open up terminal and type ‘sudo nano /etc/hosts’ including the spaces, press return and enter your password, then press return again;

4) Scroll down to the line with ‘’ – delete it and then press ‘Ctrl + X’, then press ‘Y’ and then press ‘return’ (MAC USERS GO TO STEP 8 NOW);


5) For windows users – got to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc and select the file named ‘hosts’ – right click and make sure that ‘read only’ is unchecked, then open ‘NotePad run as administrator’ and open file from within NotePad -   (NB/ When searching for file in ‘etc’ folder change file type to ‘All Files’);

6) Scroll to the very bottom of the file and select the host file, delete it and then click on ‘File’ and then ‘Save’;



7) Right click on ‘hosts’ file and check read only and click apply;

8) Open Redsn0w and select IPSW you downloaded earlier – Click on ‘Extras’ and select ‘PWNED DFU’;

9) You’ll be prompted to enter DFU (SEARCH GOOGLE TO HELP YOU ON THIS OR ASK BELOW IN REPLY SECTION), do this and then Redsn0w will automatically pwn your device;

10) Open iTunes and hold ‘Option’ whilst clicking restore (Mac) or hold ‘Shift’ + clicking restore (Windows);

11) Select your IPSW (it’s on your desktop) and click ‘Open’

12) Congratulations your device should now be uploading iOS 5.0.1




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  • GIRG

    boo ya, took me about 1 hour to figure this out again! I wish i had errors every day, lol!

    • rvbug

      I was 5.0.1 and tried downgrading to 4.3. Now when it didn’t work, I am trying to go back to 5.0.1 error again

      I tried to change the host file after ready number of websites but thr 1600 error would not go away. Some said to restart the whole computer and I did that too with no effect.
      Now if I delete the line and and try it again, it gives me a different error “Does not recognize this build”..

      I have saved SHSH for 4.1, 4.3, 5.0.1 using tiny umbrella

  • walley

    It works perfect! Thanks mate!

    • GIRG

      no worries, I’ve been messing around with a couple of 4S’s and 4′s and kept getting the error. So had to post in case everyone else was having the same problem.

      • Nathan

        Hello, if someone can help me I would really appreciate it. I just got the Iphone 4 (CDMA) a couple of weeks ago, knowing very little of jailbreaking at the time…I updated to the new firmware 5.1, I learned all about jailbreaking and went and did it to my phone, and now I have searched high and low for countless hours trying to find out how to downgrade…I didnt know anything about SHSH Blobs, so I didnt save my previous…I think I have looked at every video on youtube concerning this, tryed every method lol, I think…including this one, still no luck, I downgraded my Itunes to 10.4.1 and that helped, i ended up getting error “1600″ if someone can help me please get downgraded to 5.0.1, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!!!

  • Under

    Any other recommendations for getting around error 1600? I’ve tried the method above w/ no success.

  • GIRG

    did you jailbreak with snow breeze? Try iReb for pwned dfu . Or try owned dfu from redsn0w.

    you could also try to kick it out by tiny umbrella, but don’t think tat’ll work

  • Mike

    Didn’t work for me, mate. Still getting 1600 error. Tried EVERYTHING.

    • GIRG

      what device are you using? what where you originally doing?

      • Mike

        Used PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW (so to preserve unlockable BB), then used the in-program DFU mode in PwnageTool, iTunes threw the 1600 message. Put it into DFU again using RedSnow this time, tried to use custom firmware but iTunes didn’t accept that either and threw the 1600 error. I’ve edited the hosts file on my Mac as instructed but nothing seems to work. I have a iPhone 3GS (new bootrom) running 4.3.3 trying to up to 5.0.1.

        • GIRG

          ok i had a similar problem with a 3gs and managed to get it working with sn0wbreeze. i think you can create custom ipsw with it too. If you have access to a pc try it that way, i noticed that iReb works well with 3gs’s. If that doesn’t work then I can only think of a downgrade from 4.3.3 and see if you can upgrade that way.

          Hopefully iReb will work for you. Alternatively you could just use iReb on PC to pwndDFU than connect to mac and see if it works.

  • Carlos

    Wow! it worked thaks :)

  • Omar

    It work’s… i had the same error 1600 from itunes, tried this method, and nothing. from the replies got the solution. Exit recovery with tinyUmbrella and put back to DFU with redsnow… then it worked. ty!

  • AVS

    soo nice!! that worked for me!! iphone 3gs 4.2.1 upgrading to 5.0.1

  • iauos

    It is work! thanks a lot!! iphone 4 restore to 5.0.1

    • rey

      hi, pls help me and guide me how to restore my iphone 4 5.0.1 i cant restore and pls guide me the exact what to do and how to down grade? pls help me i try so many times they make me nuts, i did not use my iphone for 1month. pls email me a guide and how to do what u did to your iphone, heres my email “”. tnx in advance im hoping for ur help….

    • TONY


  • Luca

    This is working as we speak! I tried absolutely everything, thank you so much!

    • GIRG

      no problems and just like us on Facebook and like us on twitter – search the iPhone spot and girg2000 if you like lol

  • vicky

    This really worked for me :)
    thanks a lost to you…….you saved me.

  • Peter

    Excellent guide, works like a charm! Thank you for this.

  • Tiago Matias

    Thanks man! I tried more than 50guides and none of them worked.. this one worked fine..

    Damm for hosts file ehehe


  • Anonymous

    for those didn’t work, download tinyumbrella. uncheck “set host to cydia on exit…”
    pwned DFU mode using latest redsnow,
    use itunes and restore custom ipsw

  • Psycho


  • Hackroot

    Hey bro.. thank you so much,.. you are a life saving genius.. i spend 18 hours to find the solution nothing helped.. checked so many forums nothing helped.. even the ireb thung failed.. then i read this you saved me.. I owe you 100 bucks man.. love ya


    I have a AT&T iPhone 4 16Gb
    I tried the method, it sure didn’t give me 1600, but 3194 comes back.
    to by pass 3194 people been telling go to host file to add the line you show above, it’s kind of ironic because once you by pass 3194, 1600 comes afterward to hunt me.

    Can you please tell me what else could be done to by pass 3194 and 1600? I’m using Windows 7. thanks

    • guest

      have same problem, did u resolve it?

  • asdfasdf

    Can someone help me out? Followed these steps. still get error 1600… on 5.0 trying to get 5.0.1 on iphone 4. this never happened before, I edited host files, everything. driving me nuts

  • Shanashi

    U saved my life bro….ive been spending 9 hours trying to fix my phone almost gave up…..i cant thank you enough!!!!!!

  • Gabe

    This did the trick for me! Thanks so much!! Took me almost two hours to solve this – appeared I had to come out of DFU mode to restore mode and then go back into pwned DFU mode to fix it :D

  • EnKyO

    Absolute life saver last time i let my landlord have something technical.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Phuong Hoa

    Amazing, thank you very much.

  • Scott

    This won’t work for me on my Iphone 4s 5.0.1
    I let a friend at school use my phone, and I changed my password afterwards thinking he had figured it out. Well long story short I forgot what I had changed it to and locked myself out of my phone. Yes this is my phone, no it isn’t stolen… I have tried everything, edited the host file and everything. Nothing I try will work, I’ve just about had it, and I can’t take it to apple because my iphone was jailbroken..

    HELP!!! :’(

  • Edin!

    OMG BRO I WANNA FIND YOU AND FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE BUT THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • jedi

    Please guyz i need help i try every thing but error 1600 is not leaving my computer. Firsly i format my windows it wont work then i use tiny umbrella it wont work eirther, even i modify host file as well.
    I dont know what to do next.

  • jedi

    O BTW i have ipad 1 gen and i need to install custom firmware ios 5.0.1 on it. I am already using ios 5.0.1 but apps crash there so i need to install custom firmware. Which i belive more reliable.


    Wont work for me. :/ I have a white 3Gs jailbroke with greenp0isin on 4.2.1 It doesnt turn on unless its plugged in, and after it does boot up it goes straight to the “plug in to itunes” pic. AND when I try to restore it.. it extracts software, & then when it prepares the iphone.. it always turns off. Any suggestions? I tried redsnow pwned dfu.. a bunch of stuff… maybe im not doin somethin right :/ been at it all day.

    • jedi

      hello there
      what is your boot rom
      is it 6.15.00 or something else.

  • Anonymous

    funciona para 4s???

  • Anonymous


  • Michael

    Hey i need some help, i keep getting error (10) even though i did everything right. How do i do this? I’ve doing this for a long time now, still nothing.

  • inadoll

    Thank you so much! Really! 

  • Jordi

    You’re a boss, I love you!

  • Christian

    Thank you so muchhhh. You just saved my life. I can now finally use my iphone again.
    Thanks again my friend.

  • Ben


  • And Then It Started

    Awesome…..!!!! Thanks a Tonne….Worked Like a Charm…! ;)

  • Daniel Adams

    -bash: sudo nano /etc/hosts: No such file or directory

    iPhone 4s, iMac

  • anon56757557

    I was originally on ios 6, didn’t like it very much, so tried many guides to downgrade to 5.0.1, none could help me avoid the 1600 error. But this guide did the job! Well done! :)

  • nix

    Thank u so much…
    i was stuck in error 1600 and 21 from last 48hrs
    thank u again

  • Asaad

    I think this method is not true

  • Gonna hear me

    it is not working at all. Blobs, DFU, PWNED DFU, hosts, host hidden, another USB port, latest itunes, customise ipsw, latest ipsw from apple, another PC -> it is nothing working to upgrade my ipod from 4.5.3 to latest 6.1.3 iOS. Come on, i try to install ORGINAL Apple version of firmware, and even blocking my firewall, customize host.. everytime 1600 error – about not sign firmware… from apple site. It is so ridiculous. Kill me now