First Clear Image Of iPhone 5 Leaked


At last a believable image of Apple’s next generation iPhone has hit the web. Up until now we’ve been seeing purported iphone 5 case images, iphone 5 knockoffs, and even iphone 5 internal design schematics but not an actual image.

Thanks to a Macrumors forum poster, this picture is supposed to have been taken at a Mobile Carriers office in France.

The picture sure does coincide with all the rumors we’ve heard, curved back, larger screen, a bit thinner. What do you think, real or fake? Our opinion, this looks like the rumored “cheaper” iPhone Apple may be releasing as you can see no front facing camera on the device.

Forum Goer Posted:

“Picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator.”



  • Twisted

    Question, where the hell is the volume buttons and the switch for Loud and Vibrate? I believe it’s fake.

  • GIRG

    Good spot, would’ve thought apple would keep them there. Unless they either moved the to the other side; it’s a touch volume system; or it’s controlled via the multiple gestures? I mean you don’t really need them if you can slide a volume button or press silent right? If they remove it then its bye-bye bite SMS/ ireal SMS, and also. Any camera take function.

    Speculation is great. Whatever it is/has i know I’m getting it!

  • Diablo

    If you actually look at the image you can see that it’s flipped, if you look at whats on the screen, you can see the top bar but the writing is aligned to the right hand side instead of the left, this either means they have changed the layout of all the menus, or the image is flipped and the image is actually showing the right hand side of the device which on the iPhone 4, doesn’t have any buttons or switches.

  • BillZombie

    It’s already been confirmed a fake picture.