Former Apple Employees Working On A Faster Facebook for iPhone App


The New York Times recently reported that Apple was working on re-writing the Facebook mobile App for iOS to improve speed and reliability. Rumors had a new faster completely rewritten Facebook app releasing by this month but July is almost over.

Bloomberg is now joining in on the fun reporting that the faster application is well on it’s way with the release being a couple of months away.

The new Facebook application is said to be re-written from scratch in full Objective-C programming language instead of the current Objective-C shell wrapped around a basic embedded web browser.

You may recall Facebook hiring and poaching some Apple engineers the past month. It is said the former Apple employees were hired for the specific task of rebuilding Facebook’s iPhone Application.

As bad as it is, do you even use the current Facebook for iOS app?

Bloomberg Reports:

Former Apple staff hired by Facebook to work on mobile are: Greg Novick, who helped develop the touch-screen user interface; Tim Omernick and Chris Tremblay, who also worked on the device’s software; and Scott Goodson, who helped create the stock-market application, according to people with knowledge of the hires.

This team from Apple has been primarily focused on rebuilding Facebook’s iPhone application, which has been criticized by users for being slow. An initial release could be announced within a couple of months, with another broader overhaul of the iPhone app coming next near, one person said.