Fox News Makes Jailbreaking Look Good


This news video is the greatest I have seen from a big company, I like how they show all of the features most people jailbreak for and they also show how in the end if you don’t like it you can just restore to factory settings without any harm done ;). There is one small thing I didn’t like about the vid which is when it says you can’t delete cydia apps you can only hide them which is untrue, You can delete cydia apps just by going into the cydia app and uninstalling it. Check out the vid below brought to us by


  • Suresh

    Lol.. there is a app from Cydia .. Cydelete… which install the functionality to delete cydia apps too..

  • SkylineLvr

    I really liked this video. If people weren't aware of what a jailbroken iPhone can do, now they are. I have a feeling there are gonna be a few more jailbroken phones out there. Thanks FOX, lol

  • SoSly

    your telling me, im glad theyr actually putting news on about the iphone.. I mean the iPhone is the only phone i've seen on a buncha news sites and shows

  • Automatron

    That thing they say that you can't delete Jailbroken apps, omg, never heard of Cydelete, or better delete'em by hand from inside Cydia/Icy ??

  • le1t00

    Apps can be deleted from itunes by Cydelete :)) and hmm every app via Cydia can be backup'ed and restored after blabla :)

  • toNYc311

    Obviously the reporter doing this story didn't do enough research about Cydelete or the fact that you can uninstall Cydia apps from within Cydia. I guess they expect it to work like the App Store apps and didn't realize Cydelete exists. As for Apple they really need to shut up or open up the iPhone for what Jailbreaking provides, lol. NOT!!! And I doubt that jailbreaking will become illegal in October. However if by some odd reason it does it'll just make the community even more pissed off at Apple and become even MORE innovative, HAHAHA.