Geohot Leaving The iPhone Jailbreak Scene??


It seems that Geohot has finally had enough with all the negative comments and made his blog private. The blog he has used for a few years now to announce iphone jailbreaks and progress updates shows a login page along with an invite only readers message.

Its kind of sad to see him so upset and lose hope in the community, he is a legend in the scene and I sure do hope to see him around in the future. Until then he has passed on the torch for jailbreak news and updates to a good friend of his named Mike Cohen as his tweet follows: @mikecohenn


It seems he has just also protected his tweets from the public eye. Geohot Twitter


  • Icemmann12

    Sad day. Truly a sad day :(

  • SoSly

    Yeah i was kind of shocked to see it, I didn’t even want to post it but I had to let everyone know that the negativity didn’t help out at all.. now we only have one team working on this which is the dev team.. That means slower jailbreak releases and again only 1 team working on a jailbreak so what if they get stumped one day who is going to be around ??

  • nailed

    Hardly a sad day… there’s a lot of talent out there. I have high hopes someone will step up with, hopefully, more class than Hotz.

    “It’s kind of sad to see him … lose hope in the community” Sure you don’t have that backwards? And I guarantee this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Hotz; his ego can’t help it.

  • Ilker

    How old Is He ? Very childish …

  • Vajoiner

    ive been trying to decide who to raise the eyebrow to. the hundreds of thousands of douchey adolescents who cant keep their fucking caps lock off or geohot for pulling the bad apple card like some middle school teacher. geohot promised nothing and the little douchebags expected everything. i dont know. who cares. life goes on and someone else will fill the gap. i didnt like his goofy face on my reboot anyway.

  • GstatS

    Damn people should have more love for all the free time these guys put in for everyone. Learn to keep your mouth shut. You can’t wait bitches??? You all waited for the iPhone 4 to be realesed. Your lucky he even gave you an oppertunity to contact him at all. This kid did more then u punks did to help the scene. U just make it worse.

  • 12paq

    Sad. Simple youth put onto the public eye without life’s experience. It does not matter who you are or what you age is, if you brag, without modesty and grace you will get beat up. It’s a simple sure thing.
    I am a former 2 term elected official, I have seen this over and over again.
    The only thing worst then GeoEgos lack of humility are the many many dingusses who have hartassed him for somthing big he did for all of us for free. They are as much to blame as Geo and the rest of us. Me too.

    Good thing about youth is they usually go big and fold under there own creations, then go undergroud for a while, but when they come back they do it big. I can wait for that, Geo is one of the best, if he can learn from his own experiances he will rock the future.

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