Geohot Starts Looking for an iPhone Unlock


Geohot has started looking for an iPhone unlock for the 05.11.07 baseband. He estimates it should take approximately one day to find.

Jody Sanders, a person notorious for selling the Dev-Team’s unlock, has offered Geohot $10,000 for releasing a new one. Sanders maintains that he is not selling the unlock but rather selling the support that comes with it.

If Geohot does find an unlock it will be released free to the entire community regardless of whether Sanders actually pays out. “it’s not really the 10k, i wanted to do it anyway”

The search has already begun and we will keep you up to date on Geohot’s progress.

so, i have a stack overwrite exploit…but the charset is *very* limited, sadly too limited i think, back to the drawing board

running low on places to is exploitable, it’s a heap overflow, but sort of don’t feel like dealing w that



  • Brian

    Good shit Geohot… appreciate tha hard wrk…