Giveaway: Mophie Juice Pack Air (Black)


It’s that time again, today i feel like giving something everyone would actually enjoy and use. I thought to myself what would everyone that has an iPhone like to have. One was longer battery life, two was protection for our precious i-device. The perfect item for this giveaway, a Mophie Juicepack Air. For more details on the Juicpack Click HERE

  • Rules: Simply comment on this post telling me why you would like to have a Mophie Juicpack Air.
  • Open to anyone willing to comment.
  • Giveaway ends on Friday, May 14th.

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  • dieselboy

    I could definitely use the added battery life for my 3GS. I hate having to recharge twice just to get through the day :/

    • SoSly

      I hear you diesel it gets annoying anyhow congrats on being first.

  • jimny

    I use a lot my 3G, so my battery starts to fade. It would give me an extra POWER.

  • daddyputs

    I’d like to have a Mophie Juice Pack simply because I love two things in this world. The first is my iPhone.. its so perfect, faithful, & loving.. I can never let it go. The second thing that I love is JUICE. Juice is perfect reguardless of the meal you are eating. It doesnt matter if its Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack time… 60% of the time, Juice is good EVERYTIME.

    In conclusion, when you add the two things I love together, You get the Juice Pack. Added protection for my iPhone 3GS and also added life. The best of both worlds.

    • SoSly

      lol @ daddyputs reply, that is the funniest thing i’ve read all day

  • http://- Muhammad Adam

    Since jailbreaking my iphone 3.1.3 and installous, my kids have been pushing the iphone 3Gs battery to it’s MAX. So this would give my iphone longer battery life after the kids gone through it. :)

  • Richard Manapat

    Because we don’t have such products in the Philippines. :P

  • Ray

    I’m your man! Jailbreaking has opened up the world to my iPhone. Last month I used up over 3.5 gb on my data plan. Downloading, streaming audio, playing games, using MyWi and everything in between. Unfortunately, it has led to a battery that is pushed to the limit. A Mophie Juice Pack Air would be awesome.

  • George

    Use my iPhone all day everyday could use a battery pack. I follow your site daily to stay updated on all that’s happening in the iPhone community. Thanx for all your support

  • odds

    —Don’t forget to check out TheiPhoneSpot Forums—

    because I need the Juice, and you got it!
    to the hardest working man in ipho blog bizness, SoSly, this 3Gs is sucking the juice and I have to manage everything-SBS- to keep a charge, which reduces the amount I can get done, which kinda makes the phone less than totally ‘smart’, give me back my ‘smart’phone, maybe mom can use when she travel
    -MOther’s DAy!

    —Don’t forget to check out TheiPhoneSpot Forums—
    and repo, and guides,and downloads…

  • mumra06

    I’m excited about the possibility of winning the Mophie. I work at a Family practice doctors office and track my patients appointments, lab and xray reports. While the iphone is an awesome tool to manage this, we all know how awful the battery life is. I have to recharge at lunch hour to have enough juice to make it to 4pm. LOL, my day ends at 6:30. I’m thinking this would help tremendously! Thanks for the chance SoSly!

  • quappe

    Hi, this is martin from germany. i acutally need this. please give it to me :)
    i just came home of a party, and its hard to speak english right now. i’m more into german actually :D
    have a nice evening martin: )

  • Singels

    More power = More hours of playing around with my iPhone, which still doesn’t bore me since I’ve got it almost 2 years ago.

  • Cody

    I want it because I’m way too cheap to go to the apple store and buy it.

  • jaryre

    i would like to win this mophie juicy pack because i want a longer battery lives!! come to me my precious baby… :D

  • Seth T

    Love the site. I want this because I need more power to get up to 88 miles per hour.

  • iDecoder

    I would certainly need ze battery to turn me on, i mean… My iPhone on..

  • Umair Ali

    I need a morphie juice pack air because my mom’s iPhone is jailbroken with blackra1n and she refuses to let me jailbreak it with spirit, simply because of the superstition involved with putting a spirit in her iPhone. Her phone keeps dying, and she bugs me to re-jailbreak everytime. Help me out here?

  • andrewnmartinez

    I should get this cause ive been goin to this site since the begining and come at least three times a day, oh and my iphones battery sucks :p lol please god let me win!!!

  • Ejayc

    I’m poor.

  • jgr627

    i could def use the juice….im on my phone all day from surfing the web, txtin, talking, the music, and when i get the chance even play fruit ninja for a hook me up please

  • GstatS

    I’m addicted to mobile porn and my iPhone dies so fast cause I watch it any chance I get. Picking my nose watching porn. A good conversation with a friend then BAMM whip out my iPhone mesmerized by mobile porn. Never did I ever think I could have this kind of power in the palm of my hand but It don’t work without battery “life”. On that note just got a notification saying that I only have 20% of battery life left NOOOO!

  • Twisted

    I believe I could really put great use into the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Recently I cracked my iPhone screen with no case and had to get it replaced. Now I am looking into a case for it so this doesn’t happen again. I found this and was like, might aswell try. The second reason I need is, is currently I am working for my Grandma who is currently in living in an assistant living home. I have been moving all her stuff into my garage to sell in a garage sell to earn money for the assistant living home. It will take about 2-3 more weeks atleast to finish this, she hoarded EVERYTHING, even Christmas wrappings from 10 years ago. I work a lot during the weekends to move it, all day in fact. During half the day of listening to music over, for example,, my battery is gone. With this I don’t have to work about it dying at half the day. This will give me even more motivation to finish :).

  • SteveMcQueen

    Because I want it? I could show it off to all my friends. Then tell em how I won it and the site I won it from.

  • Mack Burgess

    I need this Mophie Juice Pack because I am addicted to my iPhone. Also, my homepage on Firefox is set to another reason i deserve this awesome prize is because i was less than a minute away from winning your Easter egg hunt for the power pack.

  • Gom33

    I could really use the mophie when tethering my ipad with my 3GS. Another reason is why not? Everyone wants free things.

  • Zooth

    Need more power to visit “The iPhone Spot” all day long. ;)

  • the jaz

    hey man. love the site
    i need/want/whatever this case because my iphone has about a 30 minute battery at this point. which means i can play doodle for about 15 minutes, nova for 10, you get the idea, basically, i need a new phone, but i wnat to wait till june to gget the new one
    so i need this just to hold me out till then
    thanks a lot man

  • Nasooda

    i just really need the extra battery

  • Carl

    I would like to win this because my walk to work is an hour long, my walk home from work is an hour long and an 8 to 12 hour shift at work make for long days for the phone to be playing music. i work in a restaurant and if its busy i cant be unplugging the equipment to plug my phone in and charge it. a juicepack would be quite conveniant.

  • jo morra

    about to travel around australia, extra juice for my 3gs would take the worry away

  • Hass ali

    Well I watch movies on my iPhone so we take it from here. I also play some games on it so we have a dead battery all the time here. But seroisly that juice pack would really help.

  • Martinshark

    My Iphone “lives” only for 7 hours :(
    Everything is turned of, it is so low because
    i had my iphone for over 4 months in front of my very hot laptop and the battery live was attacked by the hot air of the notebook
    and i have no money for an new iphone
    i hope to win
    because i need my iphone everyday, it is my live :)

    martinshark from Austria

  • difen

    I would like to win this because a need a supplementary battery for my iPhone!

  • Sale666

    I would like the juice pack cause iv never seen an app or an accesory on the iphone that can make you juice ^^

  • Flo

    Since I hike a lot, using GPS tracking my iPhone runs out of power quite often. An extra battery would be just perfect.

  • Brightoniphoner

    Hi I’m 26, had all the iphones since the begining, jailbroke em all and thank all the teams responsible for the exploits, software and add-ons for the phone!

    However, I’m broke! So plain and simple, I’d love the juice pack cos right now I can’t buy anything and would love something free for my iphone! lol!

    Well good luck everyone, take care and keep up the awesome work with the site!

  • Ron

    I’d like it because I listen to/ watch a lot of tech podcast at work(on break) and during my Metra commute. My InCase Power Slider is getting a little ragged and doesn’t hold as much juice as it used to. It is also pretty heavy/ bulky and not very pocket friendly.

  • le1t00

    it’s simple question because
    - juicy pack is cute ^_^ and I really like cute things… I mean my iphone like cute things like apps and wallpapers
    - My iPhone is like my third hand but u know… battery in iPhone… ehmm…
    - look… – Hi Adrian! my iPhone is dead can u lend me your iphone for a moment? – No! I can give u my juicy battery for while. – oo Dude THX. (3 min later) Ok let’s go for beer.

  • Playa

    First of all Who doesn’t need a juicy pack I know every body needs extra battery life cause that the only thing that sucks about the iPhone but still wouldent trade it for anything

  • Prasad

    I need it. I am really missing an extra battery for my iphone for the obvious reason.

    By the way your site rocks…

  • Dr Nishith Chandra

    Being an interventional Cardiologist in India, iphone is the life line between me and my patients. I can not afford to miss any call.
    I receive so many calls, by the time it is evening my iphone dies down. Being a doctor I am always on the move, and can not get tethered to the wall charging socket. Thus Mophie Juice Pack Air is the ideal accessory for me, as it would allow me to be connected to the patients the whole day, thus saving lives.

  • John Shea

    I’d love some more battery life. Winterboard sure sucks up juice!

  • Nhova

    When I use the GPS it kills my battery in 2 hours and that is usually 1 hour before I get to my destination :p

  • donkee

    Having morphie juice jack air means there’s no need to charge the iPhone so frequent when i’m using it for RPG games. Sweet!

  • Adam

    I dont want it.

  • Adam

    I need this because my damn girlfriend hogs our iHome everynight so when, if i do wake up in the midle of the night, i need to switch it!!! Thanks for the good info!!

  • brikz

    Because if i don’t win I’ll tell everyone that secret you don’t want to get out…not going to give anything away but you know the one I’m talking about..the goat….the midget…the ….well u know…plus i want 50,000 in unmarked bills…

  • richiept

    What can i say?? I just want it!!!!

  • P.K

    As a physician I am constantly using my iPhone in the hospital since the hospital I work at has implemented their patient database with the iPhone. With that said, Wi-Fi and 3G are real battery drainers. The juice pack would be great for the long nights when I am in the ER. ~Thanks!

    (This is not for brownie points, but I’d just like to say great site. It is nice to have a centralized location for the information since the Dev team and Geohot don’t really share information anymore!)

  • Santei

    Truth be told, my drug (ze iphone) dies quick enough already, ive been looking for that special something, which can boost its potential and make it last through the whole day, i believe i have found it, show me the mophie juice pack air!!

  • Jrhyle

    The added juice will allow me access to my iphone anytime,anywhere without having to worry about losing power. My iPhone is a part of me now. I feel empty without it.

  • Cokey

    I need to send my iphone into apple to get a replacement battery but with it being JB they wont do it for free. (still within warrenty) would love to have but i know i wont win. Good luck to the lucky winner.

  • TheManWhoCommented

    I need this to further my plans for world domination…

  • Sir Ive

    I work in a county jail..often times we are forced to work a double shift. How nice it would be to be do my 16 hours in a cell block with society’s scum, knowing that my beloved iPhone will be by at the ready!

  • Ritchie

    I just need extra battery for those games!

  • Sean

    As I sit here working my deadend retail job playing on my iPhone all day tethered to this ancient Dell that can’t access YouTube due to 256mb ram and a p3 CPU during work maybe I want to kickback and release the cord that holds me back without having to worry about my batter life. Morphie juice pack I need you your my only hope.

  • Inyouindoh

    I could use the Morphie JuicePack Air on my 3Gs since I go days without being near my home and am without use of my phone almost the whole time. I have to wait till getting home before getting any of my messages.

  • Clarence Chan

    It’s not just an extra pack battery that makes this things wonderful, it’s the design and more over it’s a casing that protect our beloved iphone.

    I love the sleek design and i do not have to bring another separate battery pack along anymore!!! For work for surfing and for gaming. This device works perfectly and I love to have such casing to go along with the iphone~

    Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah hey!!! you are the one TheIphoneSpot… You gonna make me so proud oh!!!

  • Alice

    With it, I can totally rely on my iPhone instead of the lagging, always cocking up internet! and I can be on bed whole day playing games, surfing webs without having to get out to charge the phone and worst still, have to be without an iPhone for 3hours? madness..

  • Taterload

    I am running the slingplayer and TomTom app on my iPhone 3Gs and they are killing my battery. I can’t have one app without the other bcz I often miss my turns and get lost while watching TV while I’m driving and I don’t want to be lost with no battery life!

    I know, I know, I don’t really watch TV while driving but I do run both of these apps on a regular bases and they really put a strain on my battery. Sometimes when I need my phone for the actual purpose it was made for and that’s to make calls, I have no juice so I definitely could use MOphie juice!

  • Amith

    Surely like who wont wanna an extended battery life

  • PHarrold

    I’m constantly forgetting to take my cable to work, and the day doesnt seem the same without my iPhone.

  • Ivan

    More power is always welcome.

  • Luiz Antonio

    In my life, I need protection and energy to be happy. So I can only be happy, if I had Mophie Juicpack Air (protection + battery)

  • Deljuan

    Tethered jailbreak + low battery with no Mophie Juice = TROUBLE!

  • amperisk

    I’d like the juice pack, because it will allow me to have prolonged usage when viewing and displaying different types of media and will help the battery drain from tethering.

    And let’s face it. It’s great to have for general uses

  • Gabriele

    Cuz it’s the necessary part of a healthy breakfast: iphone, spirit and a juice pack! without it my jailbroken iphone feels ashamed even in front of old nokia’s!!!

    Ti preeeeego!

  • Amper Sign

    Because I deserve it more than the guy that posted right before me.

  • Budi

    Because the JUICE PACK AIR “COOLS” ;P

  • Kat

    For long trips I can’t ever be without battery

  • David

    My friend bought one of these and can’t live without it. He no longer has to worry about making it through the day and searching for an electrical outlet. I would love to be able to get through a day with that kind of ‘battery security.’ Great product from what I’ve seen.

  • colin910

    I use my 3G all the time and its packed with all the great debs from your repo.
    Most of the apps run on mobile substrate, which is
    a big drain on my battery.
    Runing all the apps and keeping my battery charged, So i can visit your site as much as possible means carrying a charger and finding somewhere to plug it in.
    So the Juice Pack-
    Would hit the right(iPhone)SPOT..

  • johnT

    ive been loving and supportin the site for a while so keep up the good work and i really need this

  • Neicey

    I need this to keep my phone running with all the awesome mods and tweaks I get from ur site;) … Because my iPhone never leaves my hand !! I sleep with it , when I take a bath , it goes with me and my phone while in my hand , stays plugged in while using about 3/4. Of the time which really sux !! Help me make my precioussssss more mobile….. Thanks

  • Brightoniphoner

    I treat my iphone like my wife. She likes things being inserted into her and so i guess the juice pack would be ideal for my iphone! ;)

  • Bryan824c

    I need one cause:
    battery drains too fast from dl.
    I have no friends since this phone took their place.
    I’m broke and it’s free.

  • Dr.iPhone

    iPhone 4G neuer Prototyp aufgetaucht

  • Dennis

    My iPhone battery life suks.This would help out tremendously with that.

  • gatd

    Please I would like to have one because I have just found out my wife is pregnant and my battery does not long last enough for me to record the birth of our baby.

  • Enrique

    I would love to have this item because im always working on the road and meeting with clients, so i dont have time to be charging my iphone. I also love the design of the case and that you can choose different colors.

  • Carl

    My iPhone is my life. i do all my stuff with the iPhone .. that is why battery all ways death…

  • Cat

    I spend so much time optimizing my iPhone that this would definitely come in handy. Plus I can go online anywhere to check out this blog for new updates, haha!


    Very simply why this product would benefit me, I’m constantly on the phone and on the go using wifi and 3g to conduct my personal and business life. My iPhone 3gs has helped me and my clients close deals when a I wasn’t near a computer. Please chose me! Thanks!

  • hjb

    I deserve to win it because by giving it to me will prove that theiPhoneSpot is also popular in Brazil!!

  • sniperkuiper

    both our names start with s. AND i have a 3gs. AND i’m awesome.

  • sniperkuiper

    oh and the people are are saying its a matter of life or death. I would think you would see it a worthy investment to just buy it yourself.

  • DjGuruge

    i wanna it simply couse in italy we don’t got it and so i can’t buy it!

  • Joe

    What can I say that hasn’t already. I’m a desk sitter so my phone’s always tethered to the PC. But when I’m away from my desk with the use and abuse I give the device I’m always running out of juice. Would love one!

  • Ariel

    I would like to have a juicepack air so I could help feed my hungry family. Well, they’re not really hungry, but I would still like one…

  • Eric

    i would like to have one because i have been with this site since the very beggining and i appreciate everything that is done here and even if i dont win il always visit this site, i would also like to win because i still have 2nd gen iphone and i cant upgrade until am old enough so i would love to have the extra battery

  • Cash

    I would love this for fact that my iphone 2g’s battery “will outlive the phone itself” meaning that my battery will “never fail” for the use of my iPhone.

    Because thats the case. I have to charge my phone 2-3 times a day, only texting/calling. If i do anything other than that i need to charge it more.

    cant wait for the 4g though :D

  • Mike’s Mac

    First I want to say thanks for giving this away at your expense. I sure could use this because as soon as I get into the house my daughter runs up to me and say’s daddy phone please, she then plays games on it until the battery is dead, then she brings my iphone back and says sorry daddy I broke your phone can you fix it for me please. So this would come in really handy for me. Thanks again!!!!!

  • kevin

    i would like the juice pack because, i always wanted the iphone but my family wasnt always the richest and i never really had the mone yfor it. i found out that iphones can be jailbroken and unlocked for other carriers like myself (tmobile) i saved up at least a year. non iphone prices are ridiculously high. ranging about 400$ dollars plus. i sold everything i had like game systems and all my games for this phone. When i finally got my phone, it was the best thing i have ever gotten and will ever get. everything is so perfect and smooth. i found this site very useful for the apps and iphone news that it provides. i use this site for all the news and such. i use the repo in cydia to download all the good apps. living in a family thats not entirely rich, i dont get much stuff. i would like the juice pack not just becaise i dont have the money for it, but it would make my iphone more enjoyable for 2 times longer.

  • moordenaar

    woot another contest! I would like to win sick and tired of running out of battery from running jailbreak applications on my 3g :P hahaha

  • foureyezz

    i would love to have this so i can make it through a day of classes without my battery dying from playing games on my 3g during class and in between classes.

  • The Artful Dodger

    Ahoy there matey. I dropped my lump o straw i did. I would love some extra battery life there me aul chief. Cause using this here iphone on these here high seas is giving me wooden leg a migraine. Much appreciated there shipmate….

  • Amenoo

    if you try missing important call.. miss your precious moment to take picture, half way listening to your favor song and minutes to complete a game.. all you got was battery flat.. you will know how it feel that why you need an extra booster on power..

  • Kevin

    I don’t think my last comment got posted I think I closed it before it closed. But I think I should be the one to win the juice pack because, my iPhone is like my prized possision. I always wanted one for years but for 2 reasons I can’t. One is I do not have AT&T and the second is the prices range wayy too high. I found out that you can unlock the iPhone for any carriers. I sold all of my items such as game systems and games to get the iPhone. My family is not the richest so I have to get it myself. I saved about 400 dollars in the past year and a half to afford the phone. Recently I bought my iPhone 3g unlocked on eBay. It is the best thing I ever gotten in my life. I found this site and thought it was so useful because of all the news and aps and everyhing is great. I do not have money for the juice pack and it would be nice if I could win this one. It would sure help me out alot :)

  • REL

    This is great! hope to be able to get this one through this contest. mostly because it would get much use as I work a lot outdoors and don’t always have a place to plug in.

  • Evan

    My 3g’s battery isnt like it used to be and would love to have this. I only get about 25 minutes of talk time before it goes dead:O This would save me from buying a new phone as i dont have the funds for right now:(

  • DPD

    I am a traveling salesperson and my battery life is critical to my job. I sell to manufacturing companies and this year has been brutal because of the economy and I haven’t sold one deal yet. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but I just can’t afford it right now. Thanks for the contest. Site is great!

  • mike

    i could really use this mophie juice pack air because my charger is starting to wear out and im going to hafta replace it and my iphone 3gs is jailbroken and the battery gets low pretty fast with all the music and push notifications an apps running in the background especially when im on safari on the mobile version of theiphonespot so i could really appreciate this pack.

  • Reuben

    Cause my bday is on the 18th of May? :)

  • Rob

    I could really use this because my iPhone 3G’s battery life is so terrible, probably because I got it on the first day it was released :)

  • Craig

    I’ve been running MyWi to use my WiFi only iPad while on the road, and while MyWi works great, it is a drain on the battery and the Juicepack Air would give me more iPad time.

    P.S. Your site rocks!!

  • DJ UmEr

    It’ll really help while reading the lyrics off my iPhone in the studio.

  • Neil Saint-Jean

    I would love to have a Mophie Juice Pack because my iphone 3g battery is constantly running low due to heavy usage. Since iphone has replaced the dog as man’s best friend, it has become hard to part with it even when it is temporarily dead. The mophie pack would help to keep it alive especially during long days in college where there are hardly any outlets.

  • zucker

    mophie has a 15% off coupon on their website now till May 31 as a graduation sale.

  • Anthony

    I wantone