Giveaway: Square Credit Card Reader For iPhone, SquareUp


The SquareUp credit card reader is just the thing you need if your a entrepreneur. TheSpot will be giving away a brand new sealed SquareUp credit card reader for iPhone. Although everyone can sign up to get one for free, it takes months to get one shipped in.

For more info check out their official site:

It’s easy to enter just follow the contest rules and get your SquareUp credit card reader next week. Don’t get any ideas from the featured video on the right.

Contest Rules:

  • Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States 18 and Older (Only works in U.S.)
  • To enter just leave a comment telling us how you would use this or how this would make your handyman/babysitting job alot easier.
  • Comment must be left before midnight est. on Friday, October 22 2010.
  • You must provide a valid contact email when commenting, provide when choosing a name not in the actual comment as to keep your email private.
  • A random winner will be named on Sat, October 23 2010.
  • You may only enter once.

  • Jason3731

    Sosly…whats up…This would be great for my new business…I've already got the business legalized and this would be a great addition to my new company. My partner currently can only take cash or check while out in the field and being able to just swipe a customers credit card would be a huge advancement in our newly created company. I've been financially struggling for the past couple months and this would be greatly appreciated as the kick off for the new company is November 15th…..My email is…although I think you already have it as i'm one of your peeps in our shoutbox among others…Keep up the great posts and I'd love to be a winner here as i've never won anything here at the spot because it usually involves twittering & stuff like that & im not up-to-date on that yet… Hope to hear from you soon saying "Congrats, You Won!!!"….

  • Roumys

    I would love to win one of this it would be very handy for my uniform selling business im a student who sells uniform scrubs to nurses.

    Thank you

  • Trek Life

    Winning one of these would benefit me greatly. As a traveling independent musician the iPhone itself has already done wonders for me saving time, keeping record, use overseas you name it. It has literally been the best thing that’s happened to my business.

    Selling CDs and product on tour is the way we sustain our lives without compromising our art. The ability to use this device to sell merchandise to the fans through credit and debit card transactions would be no less than awesome. We keep a constant YouTube and blog or out tours and would love to show this to people in action. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Exsodia

    I really need this device because I am a small business owner and only just starting out and haven’t been able to incorporate credit card machines in to the business yet due to the expense. This device would make my life MUCH easier and help my business to flourish since most people use credit cards as a form of payment and therefore I can help the economy by employing people when my business grows :)

  • Andrewnmartinez

    Hello sosly. Actually i have started a small iPhone repair, trade, sell, and buy business. And well the lack of a card reader has made me lose valuable customers and sales. It would be great to have one to expand my business to more opportunities. Thank you for your time and effort on this site. Much apreciated.


    P.S. Keep up the great work!

  • Loren

    Wooot hope i win yo! Fantastic for charging friends during a betting game!

  • REL

    Hey all! Great ideas from that video, hahha! can't wait to try it myself when i win this device!

    keep up the good work!~

  • toto

    Hey, I inherited a small business from my father last year. This would be extremely useful when dealing with customers. I don't know if you realize, but those credit card readers that most business have are extremely expensive to lease. Also, Oct 23rd is my birthday, its a double whammy.

  • George

    This would be awesome! Instead of having people give me wads of cash at restaurants, events, etc, i can accept credit cards on the fly. Mush simpler, faster, and more elegant. i would love to show it to all the cash only retailers, like tapioca places, flower shops, etc and show that there are better and simpler ways than just taking cash only. Plastics rules!!!!

  • William yeung

    Hello! My family has been in business for over 23 years and as I’m taking over I’m trying to make advances in all aspects of the business and this addition would be great for my delivery because with it I can take credit cards right on the spot instead of having the person call in the card numbers…

  • Hass

    I dont need one.

  • Cody

    For my “legal” business

  • Evan

    I do a lot of console modding for friends and such and most do not carry around cash with them. This would be very useful as I can then get payed on the spot without having to wait for my money.

    Thanks a bunch


    Totally unfair, I live in the UK!! I'd blatantly use it to constantly keep paying for sleeping tablets to keep the damn blighters asleep! Easy babysitting, min effort! Hope I don't offend anyone or hype up some activists!

  • Coke

    Would use it for deals here and there. ;) But doesnt square give these away for free?

  • Ken

    I never win anything so uhh.. Why not?

  • Kirill

    It would be great for me cause i do computer maintenance at home and it would be great to take credit cards on spot cause some costumers dont always have cash on hand.

  • Jswift

    All you guys can sign up for a free square & card reader account, just get it yourself from website. That’s how I got mine…….All for free!!!!

    • SoSly

      You can get it for free I mention that in the post but the reason for this is that squareup readers aren\’t being delivered for like 2 months because they\’re on back order. This giveaway you get one within the week so you don\’t have to wait.

  • Anonamuz

    With this I can now charge customers cards for some super killer Cali indoor instead of taking cash. This changes everything again hahah. I never have had a problem cause all my customers no it’s cash only but with this little nifty device I no longer need cash ONLY. Now they can use a credit card to buy some killa bud without stopping at a bank or ATM. I will be ahead of all the other dealers that have to take cash only. And when people here about being able to buy some chronic with your card I bet I sell more weed in more quanities and get more customers that will rack there cards up for some super good budz. I need one of these asap. Goodwork on the free stuff always loving that!

  • jeremy

    I really need one of these. I have started up a company and I can only take cash for my services having the square reader would greatly increase me revenue and provide an easy way for people to pay me.

  • Tomr

    this is the tool I've been waiting for!!!
    I make and sell a handcrafted tonic, and this would assist my waaay startup company! (waaay meaning-I do pretty much everything.)
    To be able to have a credit card reader would help immensely!

  • Monster

    Being a dad of three I’m always involved in extracurricular activities for my girls and therefore always looking for donations and contributions. We also do a lot of fundraising and one of the things I always hear is, “I don’t have any cash on me… All I have is my card.” this would be perfect to help us out!

  • Jay-G

    I'm in the process of taking over my families business and this will be a great addition to our small growing business

  • mumra06

    Aside from my duties in a medical office, I spend my free time, assisting jailbreakers after hours and do random and routine computer work for a slowly growing yet steady income. I also assist jobseekers in my town, by providing a way to access the internet in their job search. While I do not charge, some customers, who are thankful and secure enough donate. All donations from jobsearchers are sent to Fuzzy Friends Animal shelter. I have found that more often than not customers who opt to pay for my jailbreaking and computer services don’t have cash. Don’t know why, it just pans out that way. Being able to take credit for payment on the spot would be an absolute lifesaver. And I really do mean that. My town, while growing is a hotbed of criminal activity.There is nothing worse than having to follow someone to an ATM. That is flirting with danger. And while I try to be the best that I can be, I simply can’t make a difference alone.

  • Will

    I would love to use it to sell DVD's of my work while on the road.

  • Damianfjeld1964

    I signed up with Square and they tried to hold my funds for 90 days and would allow me to speak with them on the phone about it. Email correspondance only! So I swithed to another app with similar features and rates. It’s called Phone Swipe and I got it through I highly recommned them.