GreenPois0n For Windows Released, Download Mirror


The Chronic Dev team has just released their popular jailbreaking tool for windows, yeah now you all can’t complain about being left in the dark. Good to see we now have another jailbreak dev team other than the iPhone Dev team. It seems the scene should start moving faster jalbreaking firmwares.

You can download GreenPois0n for Windows or Mac OSX at As usual you may have problems downloading the jailbreak tool so a mirror has been provided below.



  • Ranger187

    Excellent. Thanks!

  • mercNstein

    Thanks for the heads up sly got something to do now lol

  • Hass

    Anyone know if an unlock will come out for this jailbreak?

  • Jimmy k

    Thank you for GP 4.2.1 for Windows.. I finally upgrade to 4.2.1 JB iv been stuck with 4.0 scince July. My slingplayer looks so Amazing now.. I finally have HDR sweet! I needed a fresh start love the new features thank you….