Greenpois0n Loader Won’t Load Cydia To Install, How To Fix Here


So after finally getting Greenpois0n to jalibreak your device, you now have another problem. The loader used to install cydia doesn’t load anything from sources and you can’t install cydia. Have no fear TheSpot is here with a simple solution, just run redsn0w over greenpoison, yeah its as simple as that.

How To Install Cydia After Jailbreaking With Greenpois0n:

  • Download RedSn0w Beta (Windows Run in xp compatability) or (Mac)
  • Download your devices iOS firmware 4.2.1 from
  • Open redsn0w and browse to the downloaded iOS 4.2.1 firmware then click next
  • Check install cydia and nothing else, then click next and follow the instructions.

You should then be doing the process of rejailbreaking with Redsn0w but you won’t be as it will only be installing Cydia. Your welcome.


  • pnizzle

    or restart ya iphone… ;)

  • Santana

    Cant we use cyber duck and termina and install ifile and the cydia?

  • DanRxn

    This actually worked, just as described :) Thanks so much, for the help! have a great weekend..

  • jgr627

    SoSly what's up by any chance do u know y that sad smiley face keeps coming every time I run it?

  • Derrick

    Wow. Thank you soooo much!!

  • Jimmy

    Hey, so glad i found this, altho i cant get it to work. The DUF mode aint working for me when my phone is off…
    im following the redsnow onscreen instructions wery carefully but…hmm…any sugestions?

  • DuDeLY

    use the same instructions in greenpois0n to get it into DFU then close it and use redsn0w

  • harry

    do you need SHSH to use this method?

    • SoSly

      No you dont

  • Brewski

    Everything works up to the point of where the PC screen says "waiting for reboot". It all ends there. Tryed a hard reboot of the phone but still no cydia. Any suggestions?

    • Wane8732

      I had the same problem and still need assistance

  • pall

    the loader icon doesn't open up, what should I do?

  • Bobsam

    Ok I downloaded everything but the iOS firmware file comes as a winrar file and doesn’t let me load it with redsnow… What do I do?

    • Kevin

      Dude u can just rename the firmware files extension to .ipsw

  • balaji

    ok, install the cydia ,after network problem….some other problemes no?…………….?????????????


    I've installed greenpois0n, I did everything but when I try to tap the Loader button (wi-fi ON) nothing appears?! WHY!! :(

  • Haji

    Cydia installer

  • alan

    I got stuck at 'Exploiting with limera1n' message..

  • http://none Vik

    So i downloaded both rec’d downloads (redsn0w and firmware) but now nothing happens when I open the applications. I select one and nothing happens ???
    How many apps does it take to jailbreak one phone ??

  • sarah

    i got stuck at the Exploiting with limera1n’ message too. what else can i do to install cydia?

  • Biguss Dickuss

    can not get loader to install cydia, been trying for hours, keeps timing out & I’m getting very pissed off now!!! I’ve tried using Redsnow but it wont accept the ios firmware not matter which one I use. Ive followed all the instructions & its getting me down now

    pls help

    Ipod touch 2G iOs4.2.1

  • rahhel

    hey i hav jailbreaken my iphone with greenpoison but i deleted the loader application.i want to get it back.please help me.

  • Adjie

    Just use this link for RedSnow Beta

    (watchUReyes for the link :p)

  • Umpalumpa42

    On my ipod the cydia and loader app are both gone. Anyone have suggestions?

  • Geovanni Colon

    I Installed Cydia but it only stays open for 1 second and then it closes. I also deleted the loader app. What can I do?

    Greenpoison IOS 4.2.1 2G

    • Richa

      SAME HERE ! I am sooo annoyed now!

      • richa

        this white icon is not going away. argh!