Hacker Circumvents Apple In-app Purchases To Be Free


A hacker going by the name ZonD80 on Youtube has published a hack that allows in-app purchases to be free in iOS applications. The disturbing is definitely going to rattle the iOS developer community.

What is even more hurtful to the App Store is that the hack can be used by non jailbroken iOS device meaning everyone can do it.


The hack uses three simple steps to take advantage of a flaw in Apple’s app store. It installs a CA certificate, an in-appstore.com certificate, and requires you to change some dns records in your wifi settings and your set.

We’re sure Apple will soon get this guy shut down but until then users can reap the benefits of this hack even though it is completely frowned upon. Take a look at the official website for the hack at http://www.in-appstore.com/.