Hacker P0sixninja Leaves The Chronic Dev Team


In what seems to be harsh times ahead for the jailbreak scene the front man of the well known Chronic Dev Team has decided to part ways. Joshua Hill better known as P0sixninja has announced via his twitter account that “I’m no longer associated with the Chronic Dev Team”.

A few minutes after his announcement he also tweeted “hopefully by now everyone sees it was never about the money for me”.

While we hope it isn’t a money matter we kind of have a hunch that it is. P0sixninja is known as a really down to earth cool dude with quite a few accomplishments under his belt.

A day before P0sixninja was selling his iPhone 4 for $50 and even offered to throw in a $50,000 0day exploit for free. Does this mean he’s really leaving the jailbreak scene for good?

The hacker was a main contributor of the current 1-click jailbreak tool Absinthe and also worked on Greenpois0n. Whatever the case may be “stay foolish, stay hungry” Josh and hey maybe throw out a couple of solo jailbreaks.


  • Ronnie

    a sad day for the jailbreak scene indeed.