How To: Disable Multitasking iOS 4


Apple added native multitasking in iOS 4.0 but some of us dislike it as it takes our options away from using our double tap home for shortcuts such as open favorite contacts, or ipod. For us jailbreakers we have an option to disable multitasking and its a simple plist edit in the system file, don’t worry i’ve done the hard work for your.

Just add TheSpot’s repo above to your cydia sources and install disable multitasking ios 4 from iphonespot apps section and enjoy your iphone without multitasking. This is mainly for those with the iphone 3gs. If you want multitasking back you can simply uninstall this tweak using cydia and you’ll be back to normal.


  • Angel

    Neato. I like having true multitasting via backgrounder. This is perfect. Thank you

    • SoSly

      Yeah exactly what this is meant for, background any app not apple approved apps and such.

  • christian castleton

    will this speed up a 3g running 4.0?

    • SoSly

      3g doesn’t have multitasking enabled so this won’t matter to you its only for those who have a 3gs and after the iphone 4 is jailbroken those people too.

  • donkee

    Just tried this out. I think the patch disabled the whole appswitching pane altogether. Not what i had in mind though…

  • Sam

    Just a note about the 3G, 3G’s can have multitasking enabled if it’s a jailbroken restore.

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  • JailbreakThat had this shit posted like a month ago. get with the program over here =x

  • simon

    didn’t seem to work for my Itouch 3G

  • simon

    i reinstalled it with same results, i still get the app switching pane and can still multitask. I wonder if maybe the file system is different for the itouch 3g than the iphone. Help please!

    • SoSly

      Did you guys let it reboot after installing

  • simon

    yes rebooted multiple times reinstalled rebooted, Im not sure if the files are different for the itouch. multitask still working