How To Enable Native Facetime Over 3G In iOS 5


Yet another goody has been discovered in iOS 5′s file system which allows you to activate native Facetime video calling over 3g. Apple pulled this feature out of the iOS 5 update at the last minute but it didn’t stop hackers from finding it and activating it.

While this feature has been achievable by jailbreaking your device and using tweaks such as 3G unrestrictor and My3G, users sometimes want the native features to work that way Apple intended them to.

How To Enable Native Facetime Over 3G iOS 5:

Step 1: If you don’t already have it, download iFile through our cydia repo It’s by far the simplest way to browse the contents of your device.

Step 2: Browse through to /System/Library/CoreServices/

Step 3: Open the file named N90AP.plist

Step 4: Underneath




whilst taking care not to leave any line spaces.

Step 5: You’re done – you can now enjoy FaceTime over 3G without having to use any third-party applications!