How To Get A Free Email Address (Update)


Finally something useful about being on the iOS 5 beta firmwares. Redmondpie has discovered how to get a free @me email address using a few simple steps. Given we’ve paid about $70 a year for ours we’re pretty p’od.

Requirements to do this are simple, just be on iOS 5 beta.

How To Get A Free @Me Email Address:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on iCloud
  3. Tap and switch on the email switch
  4. You will be asked to create a new email address
  5. Follow the directions and enjoy a free and cool @me email.

Update: Thanks to a fellow iPhoneSpot Reader Azim we have discovered that you are only allowed to make 3 free @me emails on a single iOS device. Mad props to Azim for making us a personal email on his device, we hope your girlfriend doesn’t get mad since she was left out :p..


  • Hfhjijhhhhhhh

    Not true dosnt work!!

  • G

    You can only set up accounts now

  • ImNotRight

    Yep, @icloud now, should prolly updat you page maybe?