How To Get Flash On iPhone 4 and iPad


Frash for iphone has been updated to support the iPhone 4. Comex a well known hacker/dev in the jailbreak scene has updated frash which is his  port of Android’s 2.2 version of Flash 10.1, allowing it to run on Apple’s iOS. At this point frash is all in alpha testing, yes alpha meaning that it is not fully ready for public release and is still very early in development and is has bugs. Install this at your own risk I will not be held responsible if this causes your phone to act weird or at worst makes you have to restore. With that said lets install flash on our iphones:

  • You must be jailbroken, if not go over to the jailbreak tab above and choose your device and see how to jailbreak.
  • Open cydia tap on Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and type in
  • After it loads, search frash and install. Reboot your i-device and enjoy flash on your i-device.
  • You can also install frash sbsettings toggle so you can enable and disable frash easily using sbsettings.

Note: I’ve personally test this on iPad and iPhone 4. Whenever there is flash content on a website it has a flash box and you have to tap on it to enable the flash content. Not all flash content works, mainly all ads load ok, games and videos are a different story some work but very rarely and if they do it is choppy and laggy. I occasionally get an unexpected error when I tap on flash but that is why its still in alpha testing.


  • phil

    i only get: could not connect: connection refused -.-

  • SoSly

    Yeah i started to get that error also, it seems to me comex may have a remote switch or something to make it not accept connections. To everyone else who has it installed let me know if you get the problems also ill pull it from the repo

  • Gom33

    I am getting this error as well.

  • coke

    dang…so it isn’t compatible with ipod 2nd gen eh? Damn what a let down. Hmm..maybe he’ll improve code over the months and it wont use as much memory. Ahhh what a let down to outdated devices. Let em die slowly. :(

  • SoSly

    Its not that they are letting them down but its logical that the older devices don’t have the processing power to run efficiently and such.

  • Chico

    I had it working on my upas but at this stage it is hopeless…

    To many bugs… I’ll definetaly wait for the oficial release. Go Comex!

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  • Kev

    Yeah mine says could not connect and doesn’t work :(

  • Nick

    download it from this Cydia Repo instead of the one mentioned above.