How To Jailbreak iOS 4.2 With Redsn0w .9.6b2


Assuming you took the plunge and updated to iOS 4.2 GM beta, here’s a quick how to jailbreak guide:

  • Download Redsn0w .9.6b2 for your OS HERE
  • Download iOS 4.1 Firmware for your idevice HERE

Assuming your on iOS 4.2 already the steps are simple:

  1. Open redsn0w and connect your updated iOS 4.2 device
  2. Click browse and choose the downloaded iOS 4.1 firmware
  3. Choose to install cydia nothing more, or do otherwise but you’ve been warned
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions and if successful enjoy your jailbroken iOS 4.2 device

  • chico

    Does it have support for iPad?

    • SoSly

      Yes it does

  • V1olator

    Ipad 1 on 4.2 beta(8c134b) and 07.10.00 BB I have JB with GP but loader doesn´t react only blinks? Will this JB work for my ipad and where is the IPSW for 4.1 ipad or do I download the 4.1 for 3G or 3GS ? The list doesn´t show for ipad 4.1? Some help please or is there another possiblility of getting this Cydia to work. Some say it is because the servers are loaded and you have to be patient ? is this so ? And when is best to try then because all you can do is tap and hope or what? Thanks for now