How To Record Skype Calls On Your iPad


For some strange reason people want to record their conversations. Whether it be to have that one memory or to get that one piece of incriminating evidence, recording calls has always been in peoples minds. While there are many ways to record Skype calls there is still no out-of-the box way to do it on iOS.

So your still wondering who would want to record Skype calls? Us too but here’s a basic common sense way to catch your cousin’s brother’s sister’s best friend’s baby daddy in a scandal.

How To Record Skype Calls, iPad:

  1. Start your skype call to contact
  2. Now switch over to your iPads recorder and start recording

It’s as simple as that folks, take note if your using headphones as your speaker and mic this won’t work. Obviously because no sound would be coming out of the speakers for your mic to pick up.