How To Unlock iPhone 3GS or Lower Using iPad Baseband Hack


Many of you end up with an old iphone of some sort but your on a different network and the iphone doesn’t support your sim card. This little tricks been around for quite some time and today we’re going to show you how to update your iphone 3g/s  baseband to an ipad 3g’s 1st gen baseband. The hack will allow you to unlock your device and use it on any gsm network.

Props to the iPhone Dev team which made this hack and the ultrasn0w unlock possible, without them we would be… Well without them we wouldn’t be..

Lets get started:

Download redsn0w 0.9.6rc18:

Download the current firmware your on, check that by going to settings->general->about and see version.

  • Download Your Specific Apple Firmware HERE
  • Fire up Redsn0w and click on browse choose your firmware file you just downloaded
  • Correctly choose which type of 3gs phone you have older or newer model (3g users skip this step)
  • Now check the install iPad baseband (jailbreak also if not jailbroken) and you’ll get the following screen:

  • If you’ve read and understood you will void your warranty along with only being able to restore to custom firmwares and still want to go through with it click yes and next.
  • Follow the instructions precisely with the countdown timer, if done correctly redsn0w will install the iPad baseband etc.
  • Your iphone should reboot, now open up cydia and search for ultra and you will see the ultrasn0w software provided free of charge tap on it and install.
  • Reboot your iphone and enjoy your unlock.

Note: To tmobile users you must turn off 3g by going to settings->general->network and flip off the enable 3g switch.


  • Tonee

    Thanks sly I used sn0wbreeze 2.7.1 windows inthe morning….

  • SoSly

    yeah no problem wrote this up for you just got busy and had to come back and write bits at a time

  • keith2000

    so redsn0w says it doesnt recoginize the ipsw any suggestions?