HTC Gets iOS 4 Clone, Seems Like The Real Deal


Unlike many other iOS clones this port is a first at running smoothly along with being the most realistic clone of them all.

The video above shows a cloned iOS 4.0 running on a HTC phone with a lot of features working such as folders, spotlight, rearranging icons, etc. Of course performance wise its as slow as the iphone 3g but what do you expect it is an HTC trying to run the good ol iOS.


  • Francis Opoku

    Coooool. Cldnt watch the video because I’m on my BB. You guys need a mobile site or a BB app. Think about it

    • khan_1989

      Its a youtube stream, on an iphone website, seeing as though iphone support youtube, the mobile site is more than good enough.

      BB for internet sreaming? get a real smartphone, BB is for BBM & e-mails, what it is great for.

  • iRoss

    That iOS did mimic the iPhone’s really well.. Few glitches but with enough hard work.. They might pull it off..

  • khan_1989

    I predict a whole array of these android iphone themed clones selling on ebay now.

  • Art H

    its not a full iOS, its a Theme Patch, it looks like iOS but its still Android :) – the hint, when he scrolls thru the screens, the background moves like the Android 3D background, and the iOS is stationary.

  • SoSly

    Yeah its just a theme but pretty much an exact clone of ios 4 it runs well I think it looks good.

  • Art H

    Yes it is, I like it :) and would buy a device with it in a second :)