[Image] iPad Mini LCD Panel Leaked


According to one of Gizmodo’s ninjas the following image below is that of an iPad Mini LCD panel. The display measures in at 7.85 inches diagonally.

The aspect ratio is also similar to that of an iPhone and not of the presumed iPad. Just imagine a bigger iPod Touch, that’s what the outcome is said to be.

The iPad mini is Apple’s first offensive against current small tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire. So would you purchase a gigantic iPod Touch?

Gizmodo Reports:

Our source tells us the display measures in at 7.85 inches exactly (diagonally)—in line with rumors currently afloat—and oddly, does not have the typical 4:3 aspect ratio of an iPad. Although not so odd given increasingly warm reports that an iPad Mini will closer resemble the form of an iPhone than its big tablet brother. Indeed, our source says the screen sports an elongated rectangle aspect ratio similar to that of the rumored tall iPhone 5.