[iOS 6] Apple Announces Passbook App Organizes Your Boarding Pass, Store Cards, Movie Tickets


Apple has announced Passbook one of it’s first of two purported new native apps coming in iOS 6. Passbook is more of organization app that will help you keep everything neat and tidy.

By everything we mean your boarding passes will be stored in Passbook along with movies tickets and even maybe your credit cards?

The app looks like it will scan your store card, boarding pass, or movie ticket bar codes and store them when needed. It looks like it will also store QR Codes.

Geolocate will be able to pull up a certain card you have stored in Passbook to remind you of having one for a certain place. It may suggest current specials or just remind you of the balance you have on your Starbucks card.

The digital cards and tickets will be live such as a boarding pass giving you live updates with gate information. Apple – “The best way to get all of your passes and tickets together in one place.”