[iOS 6] Apple Announces Shared Photo Streams, Facetime Over Cellular, Mail VIPs


Apple is finally allowing Facetime over cellular (3G) in iOS 6. You Apple id will also be integrated with your phone number meaning if someone calls your phone number for Facetime you can answer it on your Mac or iPad. iMessage will also get the unifying feature.

Mobile Safari also gets a minor update with iCloud tabs list and offline reading list. It gets even better, Mobile Safari will now allow uploading of your photos to websites of your choice.

PhotoStream will also be getting the social network treatment. In iOS 6 you will be able to share your iCloud photo streams with selected friends. They will even be able to comment on your photos.

Mail also gets a new VIP feature allowing you to choose which people you really want to get notified about.

Apple States:

Next are some great enhancements to mail. Starting with VIPs. It allows you to mark someone who you really want to be notified about. VIPs have a star, and we have a VIP mailbox. We’ve added a flagged mailbox as well.


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