iPad 3 Codename Evidence Found In iOS 5.1 Beta 3


With iPad 3 rumors coming in hott The Verge has some interesting information for us. iPad 3 codenames and Facebook references have been spotted in Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 beta 3 firmware.

What do the Facebook references mean? Maybe there is a slight possibility that we might see Facebook integration coming to iOS 5 later this year? It is also reported that Apple is mass producing its next generation tablet which will have an HD Facetime camera, quad-core processor, and a retina display.


The Verge Reports:

Fresh instances that reference “J2″ hardware in Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 source code have been discovered. iMore published details of its findings alongside additional mentions of a J1 device, both are thought to be codenames for two prototype tablets that Apple is currently testing. A DigiTimes report in November suggested that the J1 and J2 include 2048×1536 displays, and references to the codenames were discovered in the original iOS 5 firmware.