iPad 3′s Retina Display – Photo’s Leaked


MacRumors reported that a Korean Blog Post has showed what appears to be an iPad 3 next to an iPad 2.  The Korean blogspot offered no other information as to the type of item and the origin of the photo, however it’s apparent that this is an iPad (Fake or not).

You can see that the bottom picture is the iPad 3 and the top the iPad 2.  The iPad 3 has three retina display cable ribbons which would correlate with the rumors suggesting an upgrade display resolution – expected to be 2048×1536, four times the number of pixels of the current iPad 2 so the need for additional data bandwidth would be understandable.


As to the lack of information posted with the photo, this can only put weight on doubting its validity but with the iPad 3 launch just around the corner we’re sure to see more and more leaks, that may or may not be authentic.


Apple Addict