iPad Smashed Into Pieces



  • Richie PT

    I am not a fan of the iPad, i don’t want one but I really don’t understand why smashing an iPad is fun, obviously the guys that did this are retarded and have more money than sense! why didn’t they give the money they spent on the iPad to charity…. or they could have used it to make an appointment to see a shrink, people like that obviously need help!

    • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

      Yeah your telling me so dumb… Oh well thats the world we live in nowadays!!

  • Ernest Hemingway

    For the most part I like this blog.

    This post made me feel immense disappointment for whoever runs this page. Not because I am an apple fan, I am on the fence about the iPad. I was disappointed because you posted this trash and wasted my time with useless garbage. I look to this blog for interesting news about apple gadgets and the jailbreaking scene and you have always had a sense of class. You might as well posted a vid of Bum Fights.

    theiphonespot has been taken off my daily bookmarks and I will visit it less frequently now.

    Dont bother replying to the email I provided, I wont be checking it. Nor do I care about anyone else who might respond to my comment who wants to hate.

    Lastly, I bet all the college dropouts in the video have iPods.

  • mario G

    This is the Jackass Generation at work. Stupid kids I bet their rich daddy paid for that ipad. Makes me want to vomit to think that this is the future of this country.

  • Sean

    Ernest Hemingway…. Your a bitch

  • Richie PT

    To Ernest Hemingway,

    You are pathetic! This site is awsome! OK, so you didn’t like the video, but hey man, thats no reason to bad mouth this site. Personally i find the site very useful and i appreciate the fact that sombody has taken the time to create it and keep it up and fresh with new articles, If it were a paid site i could understand why you might feel that this kind of article shouldn’t be here, but that is not the case, I have never been asked for a single cent to access the information here and neither have you! You are just an ungrateful B****rd!

    To the owner of this site,

    Keep up the goodwork, some of us really do appreciate the good work and the time and the effort you put in to keep the site fresh and interesting.


    Richie PT

  • kurt vonnegut

    You have to respect the admin for approving negative comments about his blog.

    To Ernest, grow up and calm down.

    To Richie, do you see the advertisements? Idiot.

  • Zach

    As much as I find these videos stupid and pointless, I find people that post said it wasted there time even more pointless. Is it such bad idea to just not read the post that doesn’t interest you? I won’t watch the video because it’s a waste of my time, so I just won’t watch it, but I’m not going to bash the site because someone that posts a video like this, it’s just different tastes. Seriously, it’s like people complaining about the quality of a cam copy of a film in theatres, why complain when your getting it for free. These guys provide a valid and very informative news site, one post is no reason to bash the site, get over yourselves.

  • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

    Thanks to all the people who have common sense!