iPhone Dev Team Jailbreaks iOS 5 In A Hurry


Musclenerd of the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that iOS 5 can still be jailbroken using Geohot’s Limera1n exploit currently used to jailbreak all idevices. The only down side to this is that it will be a tethered jailbreak meaning if your jailbroken iOS device goes dead, to reboot in a jailbroken state again you must have it connected to a computer and use redsn0w or other jailbreaking program to boot up.

Redmondpie States:

According to his initial testing, Cydia appears to be working just fine on his jailbroken 4th-gen iPod touch, he managed to install SSHing utility app called iSSH successfully.


  • Brikz

    alright so what is the deciding or main factor that changes tethered jailbreaks to untethered jailbreaks?

  • aww yeee

    untethered means you can take your jailbreak anywhere and not have to worry about shutting your phone off… tethered jailbreak works just like the untethered but if you turn your idevice off then you will have to reboot it using redsn0w on your pc or mac

  • Ferg

    He is not looking for the definition of tethered untethered.