iPod Nano Gets A Camera


As well-documented by the “word on the street,” the fifth generation iPod nano is also a video camera…and radio and a pedometer and a voice recorder too…and it’s available today. Details:

• Video camera (640×480)
• Integrated mic
• Integrated speaker
• FM Radio!!!!!
• One-click YouTube uploads
• Voice Over like Shuffle
• Pedometer with Nike+ syncing online
• Voice Recorder
• 2.2-inch screen is possibly larger than last model

Starting today, the 8GB nano will cost $150 while the 16GB comes in at $180. (So why buy the 8?) What’s the biggest surprise here? The camera we knew about. But the radio? The video support? I do have to admit, if it’s this or a Flip, the nano is certainly more tempting.

Via gizmodo.com