iRealSMS Update To Be Released Soon




There was a post yesterday on saying that the final iRealSMS beta release is out and as you can see from the screenshot above the official iRealSMS update is coming sometime within a few days if no bugs are found in the release. Go HERE to see more info on the beta e release. Check out the changes made in the new update below:

Released 5-23-09



    button for Favorites List on QuickSend
    Toggle for Hide Keyboard in QuickReply
    Toggle for Start with Favorites in QuickSend
    2 distinct status bar icons made, so you can tell if you have a QuickReply Hidden
    sent notification sound for both QuickReply and QuickSend
    quickSend search filter has been re-written and functions better
    updated the contact search field in QuickSend, so it is now larger to allow easier navigation
    updated QuickReply will now automatically hide if you receive a phone call

Bugs Fixed:

    fixed bug with keyboard lag on start of quickSend(characters in HUD area were unresponsive for a few seconds)
    Fixed bug where sms messages shorter than 3 characters would send out random numbers
    Fixed the bug where if you were typing a message in the main app, and you answered a phone call, it would delete all the text you inputed… now it saves to drafts as was intended
    Corrected new sms notification sound while in the iRealSMS app
    fixed bug with dialpad in quicksend, where it wouldnt call number unless you tapped the text field first(otherwise it would just launch the mobile phone app) It now dials as intended.
    bug fixed where QuickSend contact filter would sometimes start you in the middle of the list instead of the top. It now always resets to the top of the list
    fixed bug with status bar tap. Now iReal does not interfere with system behavior. With current beta if you were in a call and you exited to the spring board, you could not tap the green bar to return to the call screen… this has been fixed, You can now return to call as normal by tapping green bar.
    bug fixed when you were replying to a quickreply and mutiple messages came in, you would sometimes lose your inputed text from the first quickreply
    bug fixed where if you were halfway through a quickreply, but decided to hide it and continue later, if a new SMS came in it would delete your inputed text. This has been resolved