Jailbreak Tweak: AutoProtect – Phone Turns On Passcode By Location


That’s right guys, you read the title correctly.  AutoProtect is a jailbreak tweak that will turn on your iPhone’s passcode lock by determining your location.  The tweak works by setting your home WiFi Network as your ‘home’ location, allowing the app to lookup the Network IP and deactivate the passcode request when unlocking your iPhone.  Once you move away to another network, or you’re not in range of your home network, the iPhone will automatically activate the passcode lock request.


This is great for those of you who keep turning the passcode on and off when going to and from your home.  It’s just one extra tweak that allows you’re iPhone security to be that little bit easier and  more importantly, safer!  Once installed the tweak places a tab in the Cydia settings bar of the settings app.  You set your home WiFi network by inputting it into form, press the home button and then AutoProtect is up and running and ready to go.  (NB// whilst testing the tweak it does seem to conflict with RecognizeMe and some other passcode lock tweaks – be sure to disable them all).






AutoProtect is available from the Cydia store for FREE, so why not try it out and comment bellow.  Definitely a tweak worth installing!


Apple Addict

  • Some guy

    Crashes Mail just like Cleverpin

    • JG

      Noticed email loss as well. Thought it was my device as until now I had not seen any evidence of same until I saw your post! Hope the developer is able to fix, as otherwise the tweak is nice!