Jailbreak Tweak: BlurriedNCBackground Adds Cool Effect To Notification Center


BlurriedNCBackground is a neat jailbreak tweak that adds some pizazz to notification enter. After installing instead of having the dull background when pulled down, notification center will have a blurred see through background.

You can download BlurriedNCBackground for free through the BigBoss repo in cydia.


A simple tweak to remove the default NotificationCenter linen background and put a blurried screenshot instead.

Note that it will slow down the opening of the NotificationCenter due to the time required to blur the screenshot, until you enable the ‘Asynchronous’ option.

You can configure this tweak in the Settings app


  • GIRG

    installed this n my phone crashed. 3GS ios 5

  • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

    Hasn’t crashed for me iOS 5 iphone 4… Prolly a compatablity tweak no?

  • Will

    Crashes every time for me on my iPhone 4…

    • bdone

      me too. do you have lockinfo installed? cause the above comment would suggest to me that they don’t work together? mine is crashing too, and i have lockinfo. im going to disable it and see if it works.

  • Will

    I did some investigating and found out LockInfo was causing the crashes. Still don’t know exactly what, but I disabled LockInfo now the tweak works as it’s supposed to…