Jailbreak Tweak: CallBar Makes Incoming Calls Less Annoying On iOS


Have you ever been browsing the web and right in the middle of reading your article that annoying incoming call screen comes up? Maybe you’ve been playing angry birds and have the slingshot aimed precisely and ready to fire when “incoming call” completely blocks you out of your game.

CallBar a jailbreak tweak recently released in the cydia store rids us of the rudely interrupting “Incoming Call” screen and makes answering calls a bit less frustrating on our iPhone’s. CallBar is exactly what its name states, a simple bar pops up at the top of your screen allowing you to answer or decline an incoming call while allowing you to continue finding directions with compass.app…

The tweak is priced at 3.99 and is well worth the purchase so add one more to your must have jailbreak tweaks/apps list.


  • GIRG

    Sweet! Just what I’ve been looking for.

  • corndogg

    nice tweak! btw, what theme is that?

    • http://www.jailbreakauthority.com SoSly

      That is the noki Hd theme bud