Jailbreak Tweak: Homescreen Settings Allows Settings Shortcuts On Springboard


Homescreen settings is one of those tweaks you should all look into. We’re sure you get tired of slowly going into settings.app when switching up your options such as turning on wifi, changing your brightness, or enabling bluetooth.. Yeah we know you can do this with sbsettings but we like having options.

Homescreen settings allows you to pin settings shortcuts to your springboard. Shorcut icons are added to your springboard just like normal apps, you can even drag em around and position them exactly where you want them. Now instead of slowly opening up settings then scroll, tap, then edit you can have a direct shortcut to your options..


Add any settings icon to your homescreen!

Now when you enter Settings, you can choose whether you can add each preferences page to your homescreen! The bottom of some preference pages will have a button ‘Add Icon to Homescreen’

A special icon will be added to you homescreen. When you open it you will get a folder-like slice view with your application’s settings right on your SpringBoard! You can add these icons to folders, move them, delete them, create folders full of settings icons , and most important, it works with all settings bundles for stock , jailbreak and non-jailbreak apps.

Add more functionality to your homescreen!

Note: Some particular icons are not accessible on iOS version < 4.3 at the moment. (“General” tab and third party appstore settings ). A few settings that don’t offer the “Add to HomeScreen” option, cannot be added for performance and usability reasons.

Works on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Works on all iOS 4 versions and also on upcoming iOS 5 .
Compatible with all popular addons / tweaks.



  • GIRG

    Hmm, ok I guess it’s pretty cool. But I think SBSettings is much easier.