Jailbreak Tweak: How To Download Music From Pandora Free With Pandora Downloader


A tweak many of you have all been waiting for has finally made it’s way to Cydia. Well for a few hours at least. Yesterday a new jailbreak tweak named Pandora Downloader appeared on the Bigboss repo before quickly being taken down.

Don’t worry it’s the internet, when something hits the web it is on there forever and we luckily got a copy of Pandora Downloader.

Pandora Downloader lets you do exactly that, this tweak once installed will allow you to bypass all ads, have unlimited song skips, and even let you download music directly from within the official Pandora app.

You can edit your settings within the Pandora Downloader app. To download music just open up Pandora and start listening to music, if it’s a song you like just tap on the up arrow and you will have an option to “Save This Song”.


Requires Pandora from AppStore

From the creator of MyTube, Pandora Downloader allows you to download ANY Pandora song at the touch of a button! This app also gives you UNLIMITED skips and the ability to disable ALL of the ads in Pandora. This app is completely free and compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

It’s like Pandora One for free, but better! Once you’ve downloaded a song, you can listen to it from the Pandora Downloader app any time you want, even without an Internet connection! For your convenience, this app runs in the background, just like the native Music app. Instructions are included if you need help.

This app works best when your device is running the latest firmware version and the latest version of Pandora.

A new homescreen app icon will be added. Use this app to manage downloads

You can download Pandora Downloader below:



Alternatively if your jailbroken you can install Pandora Downloader directly from within Cydia by adding our Cydia repository at http://apt.theiphonespotrepo.net


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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work. As soon as you transfer to PC, the song auto corrupts.

    • monkeyman2424

      i realize its late here, but you have to convert to other format then convert back. i use any audio converter, its free.

  • http://brieflyunabridged.blogspot.com/ Nwahs, Divad

    Mr. Anonymous, below, is talking about the MP3 audio file being encoded with MPEG mp4a codec. I’m looking for a converter for the file. My files didn’t spontaneously corrupt. (They play great in VLC Media Player, Windows media player or Windows Media Center, but, NO-GO for iTunes, WinAmp, or Audacity)

  • R247yan

    mine does not say save song.. mine says start a new station

  • gogol

    Don’t update your Pandora Radio app to the latest (7/6/2012) update. Pandora downloader won’t work with it… 

    • Gho08

      Already updated by accident. Anyone know which version of pandora was the last one to work with pandora Downloader? And maybe where I could get an ipa file of that version?

    • Blazervision

      It works…….I’m using it right now and it works like a charm

  • Fabian

    Same here, I’m screwed big time… :(

  • Joe Clarke

    Download the update Pandora Downloader 2.0.1 

  • Orgasmic

    What pandora radio version should I have in order this plugin to download? Mine doesn’t saves song…

  • Rydog Edwards

    Does it take up your 3G data plan? Because I’ve been getting billed for it

    • Snailpo

      Yes cause it downloads it

  • http://twitter.com/6italia0 6italia0

    so ive been trying to drag  the downloaded songs from my ipad and iphone through iexplorer and dropping them into itunes on my macbook and it is in aac format, I can convert to mp3 format which usually has no issues but it will not let me add the songs to my itunes library, any ideas on how to fix this issue? or if its possible to just add to the music app through iexplorer?

  • janthonylo

    how i transfer to my music on iphone 3

  • carter2020

    I LOVE this App. If you are big on the Pandora Radio app and your iPhone is JB’ed… YOU MUST HAVE THIS APP!!!

  • wadassadfsd

    it’s under the CYDIA.XSELLISE.COM repo

  • Chucka-low

    Cant find in the iphonespot repository?

    • Chucka-low
    • sosly

      I have added it to the repo, i don’t know why it was deleted. May have been one of my repo maintaners

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