Jailbreak Tweak: MobileNotifier 5 Released With Quick MobileReply



Peter Hajas has announced MobileNotifier Beta 5 Ecstatic Eggo, the most revolutionary release since the project’s inception.

What’s new?
● MobileReply. Reply to text messages while within other applications! It works like magic!
● Full message text! Read everything in the alert, not just the first few words.
● Redesigned minimalist alert display!
● A brand new AlertDashboard, inspired by our amazing lockscreen view!
● Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!
● Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!
● Thanks to work by Marc Easen, MobileNotifier now supports calendar invitation alerts!
● Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?
● Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”
● Various small bugfixes.
● Did I mention way way faster?

Hajas notes that this is the last release that he will have a part in. Last week, Hajas announced that he would no longer be working on the project but could not reveal why. Some have speculated that Apple may have given him a position. Hajas ended his post saying ‘stay hungry and stay foolish’, the same words that Steve Jobs used to end his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.


  • Jason3731

    For anyone looking to try this out and can't find the repo for it above…here it is…
    phajas.xen.prgmr.com/repo <———-add this repo to your cydia source & enjoy!!!!

  • GIRG

    If they add a call feature then I'd defo move from bitesms to this – interface looks awesome

    • Ty Moss

      Me too