Jailbreak Tweak: MultiTunes – Sync iDevice With Multiple iTunes Libraries


No longer will it be a problem for you to connect your iPhone/iPad to a friends computer and find the warning that may render your iDevice empty of your songs.  MultiTunes has been released in the Cydia Store and allows you to do just that, by allowing the user to create multiple iTunes Library’s on the device and also allowing syncing with multiple iTunes Libraries.

Harrison Apps LLC, the creators of MyTube,  released the tweak two days ago onto the Cydia Store.  To get started you have to create a new library within the app, you can then sync this too your new computer.  As long as you have enough space on your iDevice, then you’ll be able to download as many Libraries as you like.  The only snag is that when you want to download new content to your device, you must make sure that you have your original Library selected in the app.


MultiTunes if available for download from the Cydia Store for FREE.

Download it now and comment on it below.


Apple Addict