[Jailbreak Tweak] Octopus Keyboard Tweak Now Available in Cydia


We recently talked about Octopus Keyboard the jailbreak tweak that brings the cool Blackberry OS 10 predictive texting to iOS. After some hiccups and waiting we’re happy to announce that Octopus Keyboard is finally available on Cydia.

After downloading the new tweak you will have to purchase your license for $4.99 via settings.app.


Simply swipe up on a key and the whole world is inserted into the text! If your typing is not super-fast, Octopus will speed it up considerably! It is also a great accessibility tweak, saving you precious keystrokes.

* Integrates smoothly to standard iOS keyboard
* Supports all major languages (except Japanese, Korean and Chinese)
* Next word prediction
* Proximity suggestions
* Learns new words as you type them / learns from Messages and Contact apps
* Installable dictionaries

* There is no demo included yet – this version will not work until a license is downloaded.
* iOS autocorrection will be disabled after installing this tweak (we are working on making it compatible).
* Options configurable via Preferences.
* Language packages with dictionaries available for free.